This week we bring to you two articles on the occasion of woman's day; tell you what's happening at the book and writers club; tell you about our interview with an author; and, talk about books.
This week we tell you about the writers club; share a poem; bring accounts from Jamia violence, and death penalty inmates; tell you what's happening at…
This week we talk about Richard Feynman's simple explanations (and its uses); how to write better; discuss what's happening at the LLS Book Club; and, …
This week we talk about a recent move to kill academic freedom; the future consumer law; life beyond a firm job; and the LLS Book Club.
This week we discuss some interesting readings, talk about academic writing, share a poem on silence and ask you for your ideas!
This week we tell you our plans for the LLS Book Club, and bring the story of a rather unconventional Judge.
This week we have a message to young lawyers; a CV of Failures; a Poem on the 3 year requirement for Judiciary; and, a writing check for you.
This week, we bring out two fictionalized stories on the law; a CV of Failures; how to write better; and, our Book Club!
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